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Q&A w/ The Montreals

What was your first ever favourite song?

Angus: Pokemon Theme Song – Jason Paige (1999)

Fuck/Marry/Kill: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter?

Angus: Marry: Instyyyy. FUCK FACEBOOK (seriously fuck making lil bands pay out the arse to reach fans). Kill: Twitter – isn’t it already dead? Haha.

All artists go through periods where they seem to lack creativity, when you’re experiencing one of these phases, what do you do to get yourself out of it?

Stefan’s guide to finding your inner zaz:

Step 1: Hit the saunas (sweat out the bad juju)
Step 2: Open a crisp can of coca cola
Step 3: Drink the coca cola
Step 4: Listen to young Michael (Off the Wall)
Step 5: Learn Karate 

Who would play you in a movie about the band?

Stefan: Danny DeVito for sure. 

What is your proudest moment/greatest achievement as a band?

Angus: We were lucky enough to play Oh Yes festival in Adelaide this year with Duke Dumont, PNAU, & a heap of otherzzz it was a wild time!

What is your favourite track to perform live?

Stefan: Enter Sandman hehehe. For real though, ‘deadheads’ is heaaaaps fun live!!

Tell us 3 bands that we should be listening to/be keeping an eye out for?

Angus: TOWNS, The Winter Gypsy, STORK. The Adelaide scene has a nice little crop growing at the moment – give them a susssss!

Are there any band photographers that you’re into and would love to be shot by?

 Angus: We try to create that full immersive experience, as opposed to just a cutla indie pop tunes so we love making rad art to coincide with it. Our boy FENJ (Jack Fenby – Insta: @fenj_ ) already takes some of the very best snaps around the town! Chickiddy check him out!

Anything Else you’d like to add?

Stefan: I’m not a fan of all these movie remakes, like 20 years too late pal. Bladerunner 2020, Anchorman 2, etc etc. Did we need those? Ya know? I feel like most of the movie just experiences rehashes of old characters, making you go “Ohh, he’s from the original” & then that’s it.

The Monterals Upcoming Gigs:

Thursday 12th April Moonshine Bar Sydney

Friday 13th April  Selina’s Sydney

Sunday 15th April  Grace Darling Melbourne

Friday 20th April  Fat Controller  Adelaide