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Review: Alex The Astronaut – See You Soon EP

At only 21, New York based, Sydney songwriter Alex Lynn (under the name of Alex the Astronaut) has released her second EP ‘See You Soon’ straight off the back of her other EP from earlier this year (To Whom it May Concern) – to which she has received heavy endorsement and praise from the likes of the Huffington Post, Rolling Stone, and even Elton John himself.

Despite being an extra-curricular to her double degree in physics & maths, AND her soccer scholarship, Alex the Astronaut isn’t going away anytime soon – she’s definitely marked on our radars for the foreseeable future.

See You Soon is a coming of-age record, with plaintive lyrics that reveal a lot more about Alex than her last release – though, she’s still setting our ears and hearts ablaze with the same sweet vocals and buoyant guitar sounds which we have come to expect from Alex the Astronaut.

Having previously sung about the intersection of New York’s 11th Ave. & 21st St, Alex continues to paint lyrical pictures of the sprawling cityscape that hosts her, in her toponymous track New York – a letter of longing and homesickness to a now-distant paramour.

For those of us more familiar with Alex’s hometown, What Sydney Looks Like in June describes a Sydney’s Pyrmont Bridge and it’s views out over the water, set to a tune comparable to her last EP’s lead single Rockstar City.

This EP’s lead single, Not Worth Hiding, was so well received at it’s radio premiere on Triple J, that Alex confessed to being brought to tears by the kind words we all had to say about it back home. A track she wrote for her younger-self, and anyone who was struggling with their identity, this song is an anthem of self-acceptance – in which Alex bares her struggles with owning her sexuality, and emboldens us all to own our individual differences which make us all ‘perfect just the same’.

See You Soon is available wherever you physically and/or digitally get your music.

Check out her official music video for Not Worth Hiding below.