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Review: All That Remains – The Order Of Things



After 15 years together and now up to their 7th LP one would think they’d know what to expect from All That Remains but straight off the bat with ‘This Probably Won’t End Well’, the opening track and first single taken from ‘The Order Of Things’, you hear a change in the band and their sound. From the lush pianos to the more pop like melodies throughout the song All That Remains display, dare I say it, a more “mature” sound.


Don’t let that track fool you though, the band aren’t just going to take you for a stroll down lovely melody lane. Second track ‘No Knock’ brings you into a wall of distorted minor chords and triplets, screamed vocals and all round metal, which will have fans of the band pumping fists.


Throughout the album All That Remains display their new found talent of combing some radio friendly alt-rock with just enough metalcore to keep them off the pop airwaves.


Although this newish sound may alienate some fans All That Remains still stay true to themselves with their 80’s like metal shredding and guitarmonies that will melt your face off and vocalist Philip Labonte manages to display his greatest vocal effort alternating between cleaning and scream like it’s second nature.


Heavy, brutal but also a lot more accessible this time around, ‘The Order Of Things’ may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I have a feeling the band may have won over a few new fans.