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Review: Anberlin – Lowborn


“In just a matter of minutes, just a matter of time, we could lose it all”; The leading lines of the chorus to ‘We Are Destroyer’, the opening track to Anberlin’s 7th and final Album.

The track starts of with dizzying synths and vocalist Stephen Christian’s calming and unique voice. Dynamically huge and another step forward for Anberlin, ‘We Are Destroyer’ sets the tone for this brilliant and eclectic album.


During our interview with drummer Nate Young he stated that they didn’t want this to sound like a farewell album or to try to re-create what they think their fans like. Needless to say, they succeeded.


‘Lowborn’ displays Anberlin’s ever growing ability to evolve. Although the album is not as riff laden as previous efforts, ‘Lowborn’ displays Anberlin at their heaviest.


From the distorted walls of guitars during ‘Armageddon’ to the hard hitting drums and Christians distorted and powerfully yelled vocals in ‘Dissenter’, the band tread darker and heavier territories.


Saying goodbye is never an easy thing to do or explain but during the albums highlight ‘Atonement’ Christian explains the bands departure best with the beautifully honest lyrics “What’s it worth, if what’s its worths alone (somebody tell me now). And what’s the point if all the points lead home. (Somebody show me out). I’ve loved where I’ve lived yes I’ve loved where I’ve been but my hearts where I’m going.”

As the last words of the closing track ‘Harbinger’ fade out “We’ll live forever” both Anberlin and Fans see this farewell more of a Thank You than Goodbye.

Anberlin will be missed, but will love forever in our ears and hearts. ‘Lowborn’ is a perfect way to send off what I see as a perfect band.


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