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Review: Antemasque – Self Titled



From the first track you immediately get that signature feel of any project Omar Rodriguiez-Lopez and Cedric Bixler, are involved with. That suspense, thrill and mind-blowingly vibrant sound, Teamed with the likes of Dave Elitch (Mars Volta, Daughters of Mara, Justin Timberlake) on Drums/Percussion and none other than Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) on Bass.

“Antemasque” gives the latest of sounds from the Omar/Cedric combo, showing that they have no intention of slowing, including their seeming exemption to the “quality over quantity” ideal.

This album opens with 4AM, a power punch of emotion and a satisfying hook, reeling you in at around 44 seconds, and doesn’t let you go until the tracks end.

Drown All Your Witches caught my attention with its more stripped feel, soft brushed drums, acoustic guitar, and very present bass. Cedric’s vocals are on point, perfection in his harmony and vibrato, drawing the listener to feel like they’re in a wide open plain, the synth and wails give a feeling of sadness, An unexpected track for this record, but very welcome and worth every second.

Jumping you with an intricate mix, “Providence” grabs you with a faintly reminiscent Mars Volta sound; long echoes, timing changes, ringing notes, and a show of brilliant vibrato in Cedric’s voice. This track is my personal favorite of the album, the strength and emotion in the song respectively gives the listener a secluded mood, with wailing bridge, this song is a complete view of how brilliant this band is, regardless of the names on the credits.

In my honest opinion, this release is well worth a listen for any Mars Volta / At The Drive In fan, although, some of the songs should simply have been left out, too much filler for such a talented groups of individuals, however, in saying that, this album is a great listen and an overall brilliant release.


I give this 7/10

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