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Review: August Burns Red – Found In Far Away Places

Following suit from their previous 5 studio albums, August Burns Red continue to expand the boundaries of their musical abilities and redefine genres with their latest album “Found In Far Away Places.”

Once again the 5 piece metalcore have combined their years of experience as a band and their individual highly skilled musical abilities to produce and album full of songs that successfully combine their heavy metal background with influences from other musical styles that you wouldn’t usually associate with metal. Is it the level of success at which they achieve the incorporation of these styles that is most impressive throughout the album, with each style exploration throwing a curve ball where you stop and think “Did that just happen?…….Yes,yes it did!! And it was awesome!!” Take ‘Majoring the Minors’ for example, an almost country/western to the bridge or ‘Identify’ with a ‘Beach Boys’ theme section thrown in the mix.

A guest appearance by Jeremy McKinnon (A Day To Remember) on ‘Ghosts’ is a little unexpected as the first guest appearance vocalist on a ABR album but adds an excellent dynamic to the song with his clean vocals, before joining vocalist Jake Lurhs for a scream fest to finish out the song. Luhrs vocals should not go without a mention as his lyrics visit some issues affecting us all including our environmental choices, believing in ourselves, providing support to those friends/family who need it and also personal issues such as feeling invisible to everyone all feature as topics throughout the album. His vocal performance is strong and energetic and provided an excellent ‘icing’ for this multi layered ‘musical cake.’

The song writing and musicianship only continues to get better for this album with note perfect, ear shredding guitar solos and head banging breakdowns. Each song keeps the listener wondering “whats next?” and the answer is you don’t really know as the band explores many different styles but whatever style/sound it is you can be assured a lot of thought and finesse has gone into each section of each song and they pull it off perfectly every time.

‘Found In Far Away Places’ continues to prove why August Burns Red are still at the top of their game and are a force to be reckoned with. Everyone should give this album a listen!!!

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