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Review – Bite Me.

When I read about the series I was instantly intrigued. Some dude that goes around the world and purposefully gets bitten by insects and what not… Sounds to good to be true right? Well actually, that’s pretty much what it is. But little do you know whilst you’re sitting there watching this guy get bitten and poisoned by several creatures you are also learning.  A Lot! Dr. Mike Leahy takes you on an 8 episode adventure from Brazil to Florida/Arizona and everywhere in between to find the most deadly of creepy crawlies, to not only entertain the viewer by purposefully putting himself in the firing line of these insects intense bites and stings but to raise the viewers awareness of what can easily turn into something very serious if not fatal. From intentionally trying to grow a tapeworm to getting bitten by fire ants this scientific version of ‘Jackass’ is thoroughly entertaining and informative. From the hilarity of Dr. Mikes reactions to getting bitten by these creatures to the verification I get for why I don’t travel, Bite Me is thoroughly enjoyable. A great addition to not only your personal DVD collection but something I feel schools would benefit from.