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Review: Bodyjar – Role Model



The past few years have seen the re-grouping of bands of all genres. Some for money making others out of rekindled friendships and then the select few that have reformed out of a reignited passion for writing music.


Bodyjar fall in the last category. Disbanding not because of in fighting or music differences but out of being worn down and exhaustion. After doing it for as long as them you can’t really blame them. But after reuniting for what was only supposed to be for ‘No Touch Red’s’ anniversary show, the jar stumbled across that passion. One tour with The Descendents and several songs later we arrive to now, ‘Role Model’


As soon as you hear the riff for ‘Petty Problems, the albums opening track, you get a refreshing taste of a band has not only rediscovered their passion but have also taken a step forward with their song writing. Unlike other reunited acts Bodyjar haven’t tried to recycle their old sound. Whilst still remaining  “Pop/Punk” the boys have continued to grow as songwriters.


‘My Mistakes’ displays one of Cam’s most emotionally felt vocal deliveries to date and to back it up, lines like “heaven knows I need this to be right” accompany the heart felt and emotionally strained melodies.


The albums lead single ‘Fairytales’ punches you in the ears with an unfamiliar nostalgia. Fast paced, riff heavy and screams of bodyjar yet new. Another sign of the growth and strength of the band. After all these years The Jar are still able to blend together.


“What about consistency, Sean?” I hear you ask. “With all this talk of difference yet familiarity wouldn’t the album be all over the place?” Firstly, good question and well asked and secondly, the consistency throughout ‘Role Models’ is flawless. The way this band writes and the production blend these songs into a perfect story. Although tracks such as ‘Role Model’ and ‘Vessels’ have a darker and heavier feel, the continuity of guitar tones and the bands ability to structure a near perfect punk song, allow the band to dip their toe outside of the box with the popish ‘Break this Feeling’ and the old school punk like ‘Natural Selection’.


Strong, consistent and bloody enjoyable, Bodyjar have made sure their return is not going to be one that people look over. Welcome back Bodyjar, long live Pop/Punk.



Thursday 31 October – Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle

Friday 1 November – The Hi Fi, Sydney

Saturday 2 November – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Thursday 7 November – Brisbane Hotel, Hobart

Friday 8 November – Uni Bar, Adelaide

Friday 15 November – Rosemount Hotel, Perth

Saturday 16 November – Prince Of Wales Hotel, Bunbury

Friday 22 November – The Hi-Fi, Brisbane

Saturday 23 November – Coolangatta Hotel Hotel, Coolangatta



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