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Review: The Church – Man Woman Life Death Infinity

It has been a long and somewhat “illustrious” run for The Church, managing to outlast many of their contemporaries by a significant amount of time. Still releasing albums and touring regularly, The Church do not seem to be showing signs of stopping, especially now that Man Woman Life Death Infinity has been released.

Cinematic seemed to be some sort of driving force here, whether intentional or not as most of the songs feel very cinematic and expansive in their sound. There’s plenty of breathing space, but there’s a way that the songs flow both in themselves and in conjunction with each other that, combined with Steve Kilbey’s lyrics which seem to be evoking imagery more than they are trying to provide meaning, come across as though they are painting something a little grander in scope than what they suggest on initial listening.

There’s a lot of lush and airy sounds following the rhythm that usually add to the songs quite well whilst the vocals mostly follow suit and seem to sit far above everything else. There’s a bit of vocal processing that sometimes works and sometimes is more distracting than it should be, but otherwise they work well with the various sounds that come into each song.

Well, it’s The Church sounding lush, atmospheric and cinematic. As always there’s solid work on the songs. Man Woman Life Death Infinity is an album that is not weighed down by its missteps, as well as an album that is a welcome addition to The Church’s discography.

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