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Review: Monuments by Flynn Effect


This 4 piece Gothic Metal grunt-machine from Brisbane, fronted by an extremely powerful and haunting Tomina Vincent, were briefed (to me) to review as: ‘embarking on a new journey’ in 2018 and with the release of this EP; Monuments.

When I get told things like this, I always want to check ‘their’ journey up until now just so as to see where the new (journey) is headed.

Rather than regurgitate the history and ‘about’ text found on their Facebook page, as I have seen in a number of other reviews, I prefer to distil the information down to what happened and what it means, or how it has shaped, the band in: direct Journey decision-making to now.

Let’s take it from the top e.g. ‘Start from the very beginning’ to quote Julie Andrews from the lyrics of Do-Re-Mi;

They surfaced as a live band in August 2014. Releasing their first album ‘Skin’ just a few months later. For a start it is easy to see that they were able to quickly release an album due to their (obvious) planning and thorough vision of what they wanted to present as a band. Which I would solidly guess occupied months, if not years, of thought prior to launching. From this tremendous start they quickly went on to share the stages (in Australia) with international rock and metal royalty: Lacuna Coil, Wednesday 13, Davey Suicide and Seether, as well as Australian heavyweights Orpheus Omega, Osaka Punch and Darkcell.

Flynn Effect is a show. A theatrical, and sensory, experience as a band. This is proper entertainment, as opposed to just a ‘new band from Brissy’ with a light show.

Their look, their sound, the lights, the smoke, the pyrotechnics and ‘The vibe’ which although (self) described as Rock/Alternative is hardcore and painstakingly created to enhance every aspect of yours (the audience-member) and other fan’s experience. If this were still the 80’s; Flynn Effect would be on every music show and channel, inspiring thousands of pent-up performers and individualists (at home) to be themselves, say what they feel, try new full-on makeup combinations and not give a flying F’ about other’s opinion. Just state your own opinion. Confidently.

That is what I discovered from the Flynn Effect journey up until now btw.

This new journey, I am seeing and feeling, from the mood and lyrics of their EP Monuments; is a more electronic sound, than those of previous releases, that still heartily whisks through screaming metal guitars and drums that have been beaten to within an inch of their life, in the ingredients of the recipe but with a far more established and structured overall tone.

If I were to paint a picture that my mind created from the EP sound and ‘effect’ it would be thus: Flynn Effect constructed the subconscious environment of being in a large downtown warehouse-conversion loft apartment (akin to SOHO New York), with floor to ceiling windows covered in flowing white cotton drapes. The haunting pulse and emotion of Tomina’s voice fills the rooms with an eeriness and suspense that belies a classic vampire (or thriller) movie soundtrack keeping you glued to every aspect and detail to see what’s next and how the story unfolds. Whilst the throbbing and driving tempo of the rhythm section billow ‘the drapes’ keeping you on your toes as they build suspense for the searing lead guitar riffs and solos that provide the ‘jump-scares’ of this musical movie. Nothing scary, but completely entrancing

In short; they’re cool. Their vibe is all encompassing, even when you can’t see them. The new journey, I would guess, is that of a band who has learned to transfer the energy and mood they create into everything they do and not just their live shows. The entire sound and emotion coming from each band member is brighter, uplifting and more positive in a way that they are there with you (when listening) urging you on and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with you through life’s most traumatic experiences.

Download or stream the EP ‘Monuments’ when it is released! Take yourself (emotionally) to that New York apartment they create. Be the movie star Flynn Effect allows you to be. Goth Vampire or Thriller Hero; you decide…..

Meanwhile; see them live!! Bands like this don’t come by very often, and once they’ve made it big overseas you’ll always be kicking yourselves you didn’t see them here first. Check out their national tour dates for 2018, and get in early.

Flynn Effect’s EP ‘Monuments’ will be out on July 6

Tracks On EP:

one      BELIEVER (5:04)

two      COLOSSUS (4:55)

three    DEATH SAID (4:24)

four      METANOIA (4:44)

five      THE BURIAL (5:26)

WATCH: First single ‘Believer’

Watch ‘Believer’ Video

Links to their Socials:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FlynnEffectMusic/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/flynneffect/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FlynnEffectBand

Website: http://www.flynneffectmusic.com/news

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