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Review: Food Court – Good Luck

Food Court are a band.
They have released an album.
The album is called Good Luck.
Being their debut, there is a question that needs to be asked: Are they on the start of some good fortune, or has their… luck… run out before it was utilised?

Good Luck is very much a rock record.
A lot of youthful energy comes through with many uptempo, loud and direct songs, but there’s enough slightly slower, less loud songs interspersed throughout the record to give a slight variety.

Vocals weave through and match the mood of each song quite well, although at times the delivery is a bit patchy, either going too hard or falling a little flat.
Still, they feel genuine and add more to the songs than they take.

Whilst there are moments where it takes a slight dip, Good Luck quickly picks back up. It’s a lean record that shows that Food Court are not content with wasting a minute.
Good Luck is a fun rock album.

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