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Review: Front End Loader – Neutral Evil

Front End Loader have been around for a while.

With Neutral Evil, there’s not much that deviates from the mid-tempo pacing throughout. There’s also an overall reduction in spreading out and playing with genre, but there’s is still a good amount of groove and range when it comes to use of melody. The songs are less spread out sound-wise, but they’re just as consistent and complimentary to each other as on previous Front End Loader records.

There’s also still a fair bit of playfulness and cheek to some of the songs which seems to belie a more serious subject matter. It works well as there’s just enough to make you think about the band’s intentions.

The vocals are as always as strong as everything else that makes up the band. There seems to be a little less swing this time around (some of the vocals sound a bit meaner in delivery, so to speak), but they are still nice and full and sit well with the meat of the songs themselves.

Unfortunately Neutral Evil is also a little too compressed in parts which does at times lead to audible clipping. It’s problematic as when it occurs it pulls you out of the song a bit too much. With that being said, the songs are generally strong enough to override this issue most of the time.

On Neutral Evil Front End Loader display a further narrowing of what was once a wide sound. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is a thing. Still, the record is focused and it is unmistakably a Front End Loader record. They’re a fairly consistent band when it comes to quality and Neutral Evil doesn’t deviate from that. What you get is a tight, punchy, groovy record that whilst unfortunately is on the louder side of things, does a good job of delivering some really solid songs.

Neutral Evil can be purchased here.

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