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Review: Hellions – ‘Opera Oblivia’

This album, straight into a banger of an Anthem starting with “25”… the song shouts high spirits and good times

You may be familiar with “Quality Of Life”, coming in second gives you that kick ass Hellions sound

Fuck me “Thresher” reminds me of Simple Plan at start and I love it because it’s Hellions and I’m a fan boy but this is another anthem vibe and could be used for background music while nostalgic memories play on your powerpoint presentation

“Lotus Eater”… Indian Summer called and wants their song back, straight up banger nonetheless

“He Without Sin i) Halation”.
This song sooths your soul then punches you in the face with an eerie message it seems, pretty sure this song is about paedophile preists.

“ii) Heels Of The Hands” The standard Hellions instrumental interlude of course. Fuckin’ tops.

I feel like drinking Tequila and smoking cigars listening to “Bad Way” and as the song leads you out into an ambient feeling like I just died finish it really sets you up to get punched in the face by “Nightliner Rhapsody” which gives you an alt rock vibe during the chorus, but also has breakdowns and parts to circle pit to. Yay.

Psychedelic and poetic, I have repeated this track multiple times over a day. “Nuestra Culpa” strikes you from start to finish and probably will leave goosebumps down your arm with the piano action alone.

“25” has the familiar anthem Hellions throw at you like with their previous tracks 24, 23 and 22… honestly the perfect feel good song to finish up another kick ass record.

Unlike Die Young this record doesn’t punch you in the face straight up but instead seduces you and gains your love and affection before punching you in the face.

In other words fuck yeah! Another favourite on my list!

‘Opera Oblivia’ is out this Friday through UNFD

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