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Review: Interim – Escapism

Interim are a band currently situated within the boundaries of Sydney.
As a band they have recorded an album called Escapism.
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There’s a thread of blues, funk and rock running through the songs found on Escapism, seemingly in a manner designed to pay homage to the past rather than look toward the future. Whilst it There’s a good energy to the songs that feels designed to get people to dance.

On each song the band knows when to under or overplay, as well as when to sound tight or loose. Most of everything sits right in the middle of the mix without pushing out too much.

Whilst every instrument has a strong role in each of these songs, the rhythm section really stands out. It’s kept fairly straightforward and grounded and sounds quite precise and driven. Hearing how everyone else plays and works with the rhythm section, it seems almost as though the songs were written around the bass and drums.

All the other instruments outside of them are punch and soft when they need to be, working more with the rhythm to punctuate various parts of each song and remaining mostly around the rhythm section.

The vocals are usually somewhere above the songs. There’s a bit of usually a bit of passion and energy to them, sometimes edging toward being romantic but almost always keeping them within the framework of a semi-tender croon. The vocals work really well for the songs, but there’s almost a sense of them lacking in soul as they feel more like a direct emulation than they do a co-opting of styles into something else.

There’s nothing wrong with emulation. When it is done well, it really works. Plenty of bands have done well in sticking to what they know. On Escapism, it seems more that there’s a lack of confidence in the idea of branching out with not only the vocals, but also the styles of music being emulated. With that being said, it also feels as though Interim are playing it safe with their musical framework rather than being confident to stay within it. Still, there’s a clear talent within the album.

Escapism is a decent album. It shows that Interim are a band that know how to write some decent songs. It shows that Interim are a band with talent. Whether they go further into the sounds that they use or push outward, so long as they work hard they will produce something better than decent.

Furthermore, Escapism is enjoyable.

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