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Review: Listener – Being Empty : Being Filled

Listener. Listening. Listened. Album review for the album that Listener released earlier this year. Title of the album is Being Empty : Being Filled.

Often there is some intensity in the voice delivering the words to your ears. There are moments where the delivery relaxes. Most of the time the spoken word matches the music. Sometimes this falters. This occurs when there’s a little too much crammed into a small space. Otherwise the spoken word take combined with punk / hardcore music works really well.

Poetic seemed to be the lyrical style in mind. They instead come off as pretentious and angsty. There’s a number of good lines matched with a number of cringe-worthy lines. The lyrics might just be the weakest part of the album. However, this when taken alone. Conversely they work incredibly well. The lyrics fit well for both the delivery and the music.

The music is punchy and soft when required. It matches the lyrics well whilst existing as its own thing. As the vocals focus on spoken word, the music didn’t need to be as prominent an element. Instead of being backing accompaniment, the music is a strong driving force. It provides strong frames through a tight performance. Vocal power matches musical energy and the two disparate elements come together to form a cohesive whole.

Spoken word didn’t need to be the choice for lyrical style and delivery for Being Empty : Being Filled. Rare is the delivery so openly and wholeheartedly used for this kind of music. Listener embrace spoken word and do it well. The vocals are prominent but they are not the sole driving force. There’s a balance struck between the vocals and music. At times it falters, but the album stays consistent. More importantly, despite the flaws the album is really solid and enjoyable.

You can find Listener’s new album here.

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