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Review: Owel – Owel


This four piece band from New Jersey shines through with their brilliant self-titled debut album which is to be released on April 2nd.
The album perfectly produces an ethereal environment and transports the listener to a world of beautiful and captivating musicianship. The instruments work together on what sounds like a simplistic level but, on closer inspection, many instruments that are different to work with have been incorporated. These instruments include (but are not limited to) the glockenspiel, violins, bass and the stock standard guitars and drums. Although not collaborated in a stock standard way, Owel manage to pull off an attention grabbing album within just the first song; Snowglobe.

While the first song is a roughly 8 minute track that manages to set most of the scene for the entire album it introduces an ethereal mood which draws you in. The love for this band only grows within the second song: Scales.
Scales contains perfect vocals, drum work, guitar and other instruments being incorporated mostly within the background but still being used to shine through and perfectly display how well this band can work with their instruments. They show this especially with small guitar shrieks that will grab your attention without being in-your-face loud and blasting.
A serious stand out song among the lot is the third track; Burning House. While much slower than the other songs it is just as touching and emotion inducing. The slow tempo is used to the band’s advantage in order to convey the emotion they intended.  This is especially within the lyrics “I’ve cleansed my heart of any notion (that) this works out somehow” which do manage to successfully grab the listener’s attention. The song does continue on to reach a peak which stands as an ear opener to those who can relate to needing to keep a “house burning”.
Owel’s self-titled full length album is reminiscent of the same aura a Sigur Ros album will contain yet still manages to set themselves apart as musicians who are very obviously gifted with what they do.
This is definitely an album that will be on repeat for a while within my collection and I look forward to seeing it received as well as I know it will be.
Owel have not disappointed with their first album and if this is just their first then I’m sure we’re all looking forward to seeing the work they continue to produce.


Reviewed by Mia Parkes

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