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Review: Pepa Knight – Hypnotized Vol.1



Having cut his teeth as the Jinja Safari front man, Cameron “Pepa Knight” Knight, has created an impressive buzz around this solo project, and he does not disappoint, with a layered acoustic sound and a rhythm that drives your foot to the floor, melodies to match the greats of the 60’s/70’s, this act is compelling anf


Starting with “Hypnotized” the listener is immersed in a traditional Indian feel, smooth sitar and bongo, with an open roomed reverb, and spacial vocal drawing you in, and keeping you there, atmospheric and calming, a beautifully structured song with simplistic lyrics.


Next up is “Rahh!” with what seems to be a consistency throughout the album, the sitar, very present bassline and percussion that simply draws you in and holds you there for every breath taking moment of simplistic beauty, I personally don’t think this track is long enough, I just don’t want it to end.

Long and winding vocal harmonies make this track that much better.


“Clams” an epic layering of magnificent sections of melody and percussion, spanning different continents, open the listeners mind, leading up to the bridge, we are asked “what are you waiting for?” and well. Have a listen, because what are YOU waiting for?


All in all, this is a magnificent release, from a true musician with a beautiful distinct talent for creating experiences made of instrumentation and worldly experience. I would definitely recommend this if you enjoy the likes of Jinja Safari, this Indie act from my home town, Central Coast, NSW,


8/10 Ghumot drums

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