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Review: RACKETT – Ready or Not

BEHOLD! It’s an e.p. from RACKETT!

There’s a nice simplicity to Ready or Not.
All the instrumentation avoids complexity and the vocals aren’t doing any form of gymnastics. Using rock and pop as templates, this leads to the songs being brief and fairly direct.

There’s usually a bit of breathing space within each song as well as a bit of energy and fuzziness in the sound, balancing the sound somewhere between sparse and full, making it easy to discern who brings what to a song.

The vocals are quite strong, focused and well-developed, singing lyrics that are usually revolving around relationship subject matter in some form. Whilst the lyrics themselves feel underdeveloped in parts, the vocals make good work of them by adding a feeling of passion as well as catchiness that would have been sorely lacking had the delivery lacked in effort.

Ready or Not is a fairly decent release. It is fun, with a good energy found within the songs.
It’s brief enough to not drag but also long enough to offer some well-developed songs.

Ready or Not is worth a listen.

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