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Review: Rhys Zacher – Anxiety + EXCLUSIVE acoustic stream.

Check out our Exclusive stream of Anxiety (acoustic) below.


It is no secret that Rhys Zacher is one of Cool Try (bro)’s favourite artists and his new album ‘Anxiety’ proves again why we think that.


Opening track ‘Daylight’ starts of as your smooth and haunting Zacher track to then add up beat drums, strings and a sense of positivity. This is a new Rhys Zacher and it’s even better than the old one.


The first single from the album ‘Melodies’ is a perfect introduction to this new side of Rhys. With a bluesy guitar guiding the first verse, a sense of freshness grabs you as you’re lured into a beautiful chorus reminiscent of spring afternoons. Rhys’ falsetto shines through in this track.

We were lucky enough to have Rhys record us our own exclusive acoustic version of ‘Melodies’ that you can hear below.

Ok so now you’ve cleaned up after listening to that… back to the review.


I need to mention what I think is one of the best songs released this year, ‘In Flames’. Palm muted guitars over keys fumbling beautifully into what is best described as an indie/disco/pop chorus. Up beat and poppy yet dark and brooding all in one. But wait until you get to the ending. “Darling if we go down it will be in flames”, Zacher sings over theatrical instrumentation best compared to Deas Vail or The Dear Hunter.


The album continues along the style of keeping you guessing what step Rhys will take next. From the acoustic and orchestral ‘Closure’ to the jungle beats and song writing perfection in the title track ‘Anxiety’ Rhys shows that although he has a plethora of songs under his belt he is always pushing and evolving into one of Newcastle’s greatest talents.


And with the closing track ‘Autumn’ we hear Rhys with just his acoustic guitar as the sombre track closes out what is Rhys Zachers’ best release to date.


The album is available for purchase at rhyszacher.bandcamp.com



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