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Review – Rockwiz: Series 4

Rockwiz Series 4.

A music quiz show for music lovers. That is the best way I can describe Rockwiz. Not only does the show provide the viewer with amazing rock stars from all around the globe it also fills the viewers brain with knowledge of music that no other show can do. You’re constantly learning something new from Rockwiz, from music trivia, to discovering new songs and finding out some of the embarrassing first albums your favourite musicians have bought. Series 4 of Rockwiz is by far the most diverse series of the show thus far. With an abundance of international guests including Chris Ballew from The Presidents of the United States of America, which for this reviewer was a highlight of the series. Watching him perform ‘Lump’ filled me with a sense of nostalgia and set the mood for what was a memorable episode with a lot of funny moments. Host Julia and Brian provide the viewer with a comedic out look on the world of music and Julia’s sense of sarcasm throughout the series keeps the viewer constantly smiling. And to top it all off the Rockwiz Orchestra prove to be a diversely talented trio with their ability to perform any song that is thrown their way.

The Bonus features include the two bonus episodes “best of season 3” and “live at the Melbourne Comedy Festival” which just add to the brilliance that is this 3 disc collection.

Rockwiz is a show that one cannot get sick of, especially if you’re a music lover like myself. Constantly entertaining and informative. A great addition to my collection.

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