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Review: SEIMS – 3

3, the new album from Sydney band SEIMS, is really good. It might even be great.

3 is brief, and thankfully not a minute is wasted. There is no filler whatsoever as every part feels purposeful, regardless of how much instrumentation is being used. Every moment on the record sounds incredibly tight without sounding like it has been rehearsed to death, leading to a lively feel to each song.

The drums roll along with great precision, moving between fast, chaotic, and slow playing with ease whilst also moving in and around the beat as deemed necessary whilst the guitar, bass and synth all build on each other, following a flow and progression of sections that feels quite natural to each song. As well as some use of vocals, other instruments are heard throughout 3, coming and going as necessary in order to add a bit more texture and nuance to each moment in which they appear without feeling out of place, as well as enhancing the cinematic and at times expansive sound of the record.

Whilst each song is really solid, it should be noted that “Imperfect Black” is an amazing closer. It starts off fairly soft and delicate before exploding in sound, washing over you as the song sounds like it’s soaring freely before it softens as it comes to a close. The vocal performance is as strong, passionate and lively as the instruments, rising and falling with ease. With that being said, what really makes “Imperfect Black” amazing is how well it combines elements from each of the previous three songs without faltering in the slightest.

3 is a strong album that is more than the sum of its parts, as well as a testament to SEIMS’ ability to craft a creative, cohesive and lean record. It would have been easy for the album to sound like a mess, but it doesn’t. Instead of being a mess, 3 smoothly brings many elements together whilst refining SEIMS’ sound to form a natural-sounding and lively collection of songs.

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