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Review: Stuck Out – You Won’t Come Home

After a few years of being around, Stuck Out have now released their “debut” E.P., You Won’t Come Home.

You Won’t Come Home is full of mid-to-uptempo songs, over-driven guitar, hard drumming, emotional singing and at times bass that is audible rather than being washed over by everything else. The songs rise and fall and parts that are meant to be much more full of energy than others come and go when required.

Lyrics that seem to be about heartache and possibly abuse dominate the vocals throughout each song and are sung with a surprising amount of conviction. They sound like a first draft and come off as both something sung from an adolescent perspective and something that could be cause for concern.

Probably the biggest issue with You Won’t Come Home is that it’s far more by-the-numbers than it should be. Stuck Out were in a position to progress the genres they work with and instead they sound like they played it safe. There’s nothing new or interesting here and the whole thing lacks the depth that it seems to imply.

The second biggest issue would be how sterile You Won’t Come Home sounds. There’s clear attempts at grit and dirt in the sound, but the whole thing is far too polished and sterile for any of it to come through. On top of that, the songs have been rendered to be far louder than they need to be which leads to (aside from the drums) all of the life to be sucked out of the songs. Despite how standard they are, the songs could have gained so much more from being quieter and having a range that didn’t go from “loud” to “much louder”.

Stuck Out have potential, but You Won’t Come Home does little to put any of it on display.

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