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Review: The Birds of Satan – ‘The Birds Of Satan’



Stream the epic 9 minute opening track ‘The Ballad of The Birds Of Satan’ below

Groovy, tasty licks, and harmonies that sing happiness straight in to your ears.  The previous statement could be used as a sum up to an album but for this example it is being used for the first minute of the opening track  of The Birds of Satan’s self titled album. Clocking in at over 9 minutes ‘The Ballad of The Birds of Satan’ is nothing less than epic.


The Birds of Satan are something rare in today’s music scene. Combining straight forward rock with a modern twists and a groove we haven’t felt since the mid 70’s this album takes you on quite enjoyable ride.


From the epic opening track to the more pop based ‘Raspberries’ with its soft melodic verses and catchy as sin chorus, you find yourself entertained from start to finish.


The acoustic opening of ‘Nothing At All’ not only keeps your toes tapping but sticks to the eclectic sounds of this self titled release. Just as soon as your ears get comfortable with the soft jams the drums come rolling in with a distorted guitars and a chorus that moves the tapping from your toes and transforms it to a heavy nodding of your head.


Well thought out chord progressions and harmonies that would make DIO proud, ‘The Birds Of Satan’ is an album that appeals to fans of many genres and is just an all round good time.