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Review: The Blackwater Fever – The Depths


The Blackwater Fever’s new album The Depths is an excellent album for this Brisbane band to be adding to their repertoire and does not disappoint in comparison to older songs.
This 14 track album opens with the song ‘When The Night Comes’. While the instruments are in the foreground more than the vocals in this track they are both complimented within each other perfectly and stands as a perfect place setter for a dark but captivating mood on the entire album. The end of the song features heavier guitar work with melodic drums and howling vocals layered over the top which have you interested within the first 3 minutes of the album.
From this first song it then transgresses to a track that appears to be about drug abuse while it still maintains a catchy but still dark beat that will have you bobbing your head along and foot tapping in time to the music. . This is especially within that ‘Can’t Help Yourself’ hook within the chorus which is straight before that catchy guitar riff and a drum beat to tap your feet along to.
One of my favourite tracks off this album, however, is the third track on the album; ‘Don’t Fuck With Joe’. This song really encapsulates the blues fever that is within The Depths and not to mention how absolutely garage blues rock it is. With it being a song about a killer named Joe; it’s dark but those vocals and absolutely groove orientated guitar tunes draw the listener in even further to a perfectly made album of blues.
Most of the album maintains an energetic force to it while the tempo is varied with slow and fast tunes in order to shake up what the audience hears. For example, with the song “Now She’s Gone” the male protagonist wonders what he did wrong to “make her heat skip a beat”. The slow brooding song climaxes with distorted guitars giving a feeling of frustration and being pissed off with his girl. The three instrumentals on the album include ‘Rat Eyes’, ‘Tide Rider’ and ‘Running of the Wildebeest’ are not just stock standard fillers but add to the complexity and dark mood of the album.  Blackwater Fever also use the instrumentals as a means to showcase their brilliant musical talent.
This band is definitely one to keep an eye out for in the future with them continuing their track record of excellent song writing and musicianship.
In Depth is a shine through album within its genre and I know I’ll be recommending it to those who I come into contact with!


Reviewed by Mia Parkes