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Review: The Lulu Raes – All Our Parents Are Divorced

All our Parents are Divorced is fun.
It’s a small collection of airy pop songs that borrow heavily from past eras of music.
It’s rather upbeat in sound, and it feels designed quite consciously for the purposes of getting people to dance.
Along with feeling upbeat, it also feels like summer music with a sleek and polished sound.

This might be a big weakness for it though.
Being released at a time when it’s unlikely that similar-sounding music from other bands will be coming out makes it stand out more, which is good. However, it might end up disappearing from people’s conscious much faster.

Another big weakness would be the vocals. They sound confident but undeveloped. Aside from moments on “Change My Tune” (the most overtly energetic song on the album and also the closest to guitar pop), the  songs also seem to demand a deeper, stronger voice. This may be an unfair criticism as they might be better in a live situation. However, the vocals do need more development.

With that being said, All our Parents are Divorced is enjoyable. It might not be amazing by any measure, but it still makes for a nice collection of pop that you can dance to, and that’s a lot more than can be said for a lot of artists.

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