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Review: Trophy Eyes – Mend, Move On


Passion, sincerity and raw; three things I look for in my punk/hardcore music and Trophy Eyes have definitely delivered with their debut album ‘Mend, Move On’.


From the opening moments of ‘My Name On Paper’ you feel that exact passion you look for in music. Delightfully drenched in crisp production whilst still maintaining that raw passion you have grown to love from Trophy Eyes.


The melodic grit in vocalist John Floreani’s voice shines through the whole album but especially in ‘Come Clean’ as he sings “I know I had you all concerned but I changed now, I’m better’. The honesty hits you in the heart straight through the ears like an awkward medical procedure.


One of the album highlights for me is the 1 minute punch in the ear ‘Choke’. Passionately Floreani belts you in the ears as he closes the track with “I learned to squeeze but never learned to let go”. The simplicity of this track leaves so much room for the band to quickly and dynamically take this to being one of the most passionately aggressive songs on the album.


Hailing from a town with a lot of bands trying to break out of the clichéd “hardcore” mold, after giving just one listen to ‘Mend, Move On’ you can understand why Trophy Eyes have broken out of the steel city and started taking over the world. Humble, honest and appealing to many an ear, Trophy Eyes were once Newcastle’s next big thing but now, not only are they Australia’s next big thing in this scene, they are now starting to show the world what they’re made of.


‘Mend, Move On’ is 30 minutes of pure honesty/heart on sleeve hardcore/punk rock that I highly recommend you let enter your ears.



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