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Review: It Won’t Hurt by Muki

Muki’s brand new EP has been my gym music for the week. This is special for me, because although I am a proud card carrying member of a 24 hour gym, I am rarely an actual gym attendee, frequently intimidated yet also intrigued by all the muscle-bound men and women that seem to call the gym their home. And also, what if I use a piece of equipment wrong and die? However, after a week spent blasting Muki’s 4-track EP while pumping iron I feel like my fears were baseless. Now I’ve realized that I can do anything. Haters be damned! Screw my judgmental parents! This album has given me what years of counseling could not: a modicum of confidence.

It Wont Hurtis four tracks of triumphant and bratty electropop from the latest next big thing Muki. The EP’s first track ‘Gold Oxygen’ starts off with electronic burbles and pitch shifted vocals before breaking into a danceable drum beat and synth line. The verses are sung/rapped with Muki talking about how amazing she is. Indeed, Muki threatens us all with her greatness and makes use of some Sith absolutes “if you’re not with me/ you’re against me.” She sounds so likable and fun while she does it that not only do I not mind, I even believe her. ‘Gold Oxygen’ would be a good song for someone with a short attention span, with frequent new electronic burbles and vocal effects (vocoders, pitch shifts) coming into the mix to keep one entertained, I have a reasonable attention span, so I am even further entertained.

The second song on the EP is called ‘Friends Don’t Make Out’ which doubles as both the title of a catchy pop tune and also acts as some pretty solid life advice that Muki herself does not seem to follow. Once again, pop tricks feature aplenty. The tune is both a banger and also an interesting exploration of the difficulty in navigating a friendship that is quickly becoming something else.

In the second half of the EP the Jpop/Kpop influence, already quite clear in the visual aesthetic employed by Muki, becomes an obvious musical influence. In a similar vein to ‘Gold Oxygen’, ‘Sassaparilla’ is a self-empowering anthem where Muki declares herself uninterested in fake friends and imitators, offering these fake friends a healthy serving of ‘SASS- aparilla’ (get it??). In the final track ‘Player’, Muki declares herself unavailable to those damn Nike wearing players, who just wont quit. When they hear this song I bet they will all hang their heads in shame, and maybe buy some Adidas. In this track Muki’s English accent is most prevalent, which is interesting because everything I have read so far says she is Australian. Still, imitating English accents is a solid tradition in pop and rock music, with everyone from Green Day to Madonna getting in on the affectation fun, so I can’t fault Muki for that.

Throughout the EP Muki brings to mind icons like Lilly Allen and M.I.A with her own modern electropop twist that keeps things fresh. The production throughout the EP is so sweet you could rot your teeth on it, horrifying your friends and lovers alike, rendering you a toothless outcast forever. So listen carefully. Although Muki perhaps proves herself more interesting when her lyrics extend beyond self-aggrandizing, as she does on the standout ‘Friends Don’t Make Out’, the EP as a whole is a strong debut. Indeed, thanks to this EP I was so inspired that I profoundly overdid it at the gym and now can’t walk without shaking uncontrollably. Can’t wait for the album Muki, I’ll see you in court!!

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