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Review: Young Lions – Burn



It is very rare that when I receive a band to review that I haven’t heard before that I fall in love. Last time I remember this happening was when I received Twin Atlantics ‘Free’. That’s not to say the other stuff I receive isn’t good.

When I first received ‘Burn’ in the mail I was already sold on the artwork, a painting of a lion cubs head. I the proceeded to put the cd into my cars stereo and as soon as the ambience of opening track ‘Before The Storm’ made its way into my ears I was sucked in. From the crisply produced drums, the reverbed guitars and vocalist Zachary Britt’s amazing vocal range I found myself eager for the next track. Scrap that, the rest of the album.


The next track came on. ‘The Runner and The Fighter’ kicks you right in the ear balls with it’s wall of guitars and a feeling of power. Then the chorus…. MY GOD THE CHORUS. I don’t know if it is cause it speaks to me on a personal lever but as soon as Britt blasts out “All that I can say is I haven’t changed” my chest tightened and I found myself screaming along to the words. (song of the year? Im pretty sure it could be)


The album continues on with perfectly structured song writing and a steady consistent sound whilst maintaining to not pigeon hole itself into just one genre.

‘Burn’s’ production is very crisp but allows the raw energy of ‘Young Lions’ to shine through.


Second single, the anthemic ‘Non Believers’ shows the bands ability to craft a perfect pop/rock song whilst showing Britt’s ability to show his ability and writing non conventional vocal melodies.


The album as a whole flows perfectly. Each of the ten tracks creates such continuity but also stand on their own. ‘Burn’ is an honest, powerful and huge album and if this is what the guys have got to show with their debut release then I can say it is only up from here.


Any of you saying Aussie music is dying need to check out ‘Burn’




Check out the video for ‘Before The Storm’

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