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Review: Regurgitator – Don’t Stress / Light Me on Fire

Closing in on five years of nothing “new” and Regurgitator have decided to release Don’t Stress / Light Me on Fire, a double A-side available for all to have their ears peruse and potentially appreciate.

“Don’t Stress” is a fairly spacey, breathing number. The lyrics are advising one to relax as there’s nothing to worry about but could also be taken as instructions to not panic and ignore some sort of societal ill rather than address any issues, pertinent or otherwise.

Following in the vein of the lyrics, the song itself is fairly relaxed with occasional “psychedelic” vocal flourishes and guitar playing weighed down by some light drumming and simple, repetitive and calm bass.

“Light Me on Fire” is a more direct, dense and aggressive track. Seemingly taking influence from noise rock and electronica, the track alternates between quiet and loud sections fairly smoothly and moves along at a fast pace. It’s repetitive, yet driven and like “Don’t Stress” it gets out before it overstays its welcome.

The lyrics of “Light Me on Fire” are as direct as the instrumentation. From a critical standpoint they seem to express interest in the desire for and acceptance through conformity whilst understanding the absurdity of such a pursuit.

The two songs feel like two different sides of the same coin. Whilst not immediately obvious, they compliment each other well and serve as a nice, brief way to give a taste of what Regurgitator are currently exploring. In some ways the two songs do sound different to what they Regurgitator have previously done, but they also sound similar to some of the stuff they’ve released prior. This is neither a good thing or a bad thing; it’s just a thing.

If these two songs end up part of an album, it’ll be interesting to see how they fit in to it, but for now they can be appreciated as two new slices of Regurgitator’s catalogue.

Don’t Stress / Light Me on Fire can be listened to here.

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