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The Narrative Interview!!!!!

The Narrative are definitely one of the hardest and most dedicated bands out their at the moment. Not only do they work their own jobs they still find time to tour the states and write and record some of the most beautiful music you’ll ever hear!! We were lucky enough to do an interview with them. And underneath is a stream of their acoustic b-side Hallelujah. Enjoy!

Who are you and what are you doing here?

Jesse: I’m Jesse, I play guitar and sing in The Narrative.

Suzie: I’m Suzie, I play keys and sing in The Narrative.

How did the band start?

Jesse: We actually met through a Craigslist ad.

Suzie: Jesse was looking for bandmates and I found his incredibly long post, responded, and the rest is history.

Jesse: And the rest is the future.

Suzie: I mean the future.

How would you describe your band?

Suzie: We’re a little bit country and a little bit punk.

Jesse: That’s from a Mickey Avalon song, but we’re neither of those things. Well, maybe we’re both of those things.

Suzie: It’s hard because I think we’re always changing as a band and I wouldn’t pin us down to anything. Most of our music has been melodic, more emotionally charged songs.

Jesse: Like Corey Matthews when he’s around Topanga.

Suzie: That doesn’t even make any sense.

Where are people able to hear your songs?

Jesse: People can hear our songs all over the place but I think a lot of listening lately has been on Youtube.

Suzie: Yea, our song “Eyes Closed” is getting some really great attention there.

Are you playing any shows anytime soon? 

Suzie: Right now we’re in the midst of recording a new album and have put shows on hold, but we may have a one off here or there to test out some of the new material.

Jesse: If anything we’ll probably do something more local, in New York or close by.

You are an independent band, both working normal day jobs to support your passion. What helps you keep that drive to keep going?

Jesse: I’m not sure anymore. Partly the people who support us and partly I think we’re just crazy.

Suzie: We love song writing. As a song writer it’s hard to ever just stop doing it, even if it’s incredibly hard to continue because of financial reasons it seems just as hard to stop.

Jesse: We’ve still got a few pennies left to throw into this and I guess we’ve resolved to putting everything we have into this to make it work.

Suzie: We also happen to have the best fans in the world, and that doesn’t hurt.

If given the opportunity do you see The Narrative signing to a major label?

Jesse: Definitely a possibility. There comes a point where it’s very difficult to keep doing everything yourself. Balancing the artistic side of music with the business side of it is incredibly taxing and difficult once business has picked up enough.

Suzie: We’re pretty much at the point where we need some more people on board because it has become too difficult to handle it all ourselves.

Jesse: That being the case, nobody has the ability to open doors like a major does, and we’re certainly not opposed to that. Somewhere amongst the artist vs. label war, there is also a certain amount of dependency involved.

Suzie: Yea, if we can find a balance there we’d be really excited about working with whomever!

For your tour with Eisley you reached out to fans to help raise funds through Kickstarter and had some very cool and awesome incentives for the fans that pledged. How important is fan Interaction for you?

Suzie: Our fan interaction is, at this point, easily one of the most important things for us.

Jesse: Aside from the great feeling you get when creating music, the only thing that really keeps us driven to be in this industry are the fans who support us. Without them, I’m not sure we’d still be doing this in the capacity we are.

You are/were currently in a barn tracking and writing for your sophomore album. What made you choose there of all places?

Suzie: We really wanted to get out of our usual circumstances and get to a place where we could feel creative and free from the labors of our every day lives.

Jesse: It certainly didn’t hurt that we would have spent more than twice as much money if we spent the time in a studio in NY, but overall it really was important to us for this record to do it in a way that we were as happy as you can be every day.

Suzie: When we recorded our last album, we were cooped up in a little box with no windows for over a month and we all went super crazy. We did this entire record differently.

How far in to the writing process were you before you entered the studio?

Jesse: We basically had all the songs written and arranged and a large number of the core parts done for the album.

Suzie: We wanted to make sure before we actually used up the time we were paying for that we had songs we were happy with. There was of course some improvisational stuff that went on while we were there but the basics of everything were in place before we left.

What can fans expect sound wise from this new album

Suzie: It’s going to be different from our previous stuff.

Jesse: Definitely different. I think we still embrace a lot of the things that people like about our music, but we experimented in a lot of places as well. Production-wise we are going in a bit of a different direction.

Suzie: We’ve been listening to a lot of different things and that has influenced us a lot. For better or for worse, we’ve changed the way we see the process of writing and recording in general.

Jesse: I’m really excited about these songs. I think we’ve got a lot of great tracks, and I’m hyper critical about what we do. That should mean something.

Suzie: We’re being really vague I think.

Jesse: Let’s keep it that way.

Do we have an expected release date for the album yet?

Jesse: No, no release date yet.

Suzie: We’re still working on it! We’re trying to do it in a timely fashion. Hopefully we can get it out in the Summer.

Jesse: Part of being a DIY band is that you make all your own rules. Sometimes that’s not the best thing, but we’re pretty responsible. Our first priority is to make the album as good as it can be, and the second priority is to get it out there.

What is your proudest moment/greatest achievement as a band? 

Jesse: Oh, I think just being able to make music that people care about. Honestly one of the most rewarding things for me is when people relate to us that our music has affected them, whether it’s helping them through a problem or guiding their own musical creativity. The admiration I have for the bands that do or did those things for me is tremendous, and it’s a very emotional thing for me to think that I might be doing that for someone else.

Suzie: I’d say that pretty much sums it up. A lot of the things people tell us seem so surreal and it’s just amazing to be able to have a positive impact on someone else’s life with my music.

If you could have a dream tour with 3 other bands/musicians who would they be?

Jesse: Hmmm… man, I have to go with Ella Fitzgerald because I’d do anything to watch her sing every night. Doing a tour with Bruce Springsteen would be great. I genuinely love his music but really it’d give my dad something to die smiling over. That last spot is tough. There’s so many great artists I admire. Right now I’ve been listening to so much Phil Collins so why not give the last slot to him? I just hope Bon Iver, Counting Crows, Weezer, Jimmy Eat World, The Beach Boys, and everyone else forgive me.

Suzie: Death Cab for Cutie, Coldplay, Bon Iver.

Jesse: Sweet, I got my Bon Iver card covered, except we really just picked 6 bands/artists.

Suzie: That’s ok, a girl can dream.

Jesse: Yes she can.

Anything Else you’d like to add?

Suzie: Check out our website for updates! www.thenarrativemusic.com!

Jesse: Yea. And come say hi on Facebook. Facebook.com/thenarrativemusic – what other websites can we plug?

Suzie: Support your favorite artists.

Jesse: Be kind.[soundcloud id=’41399762′ autoPlay=’true’]

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