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The Used – Album Review

We all remember The Used as the band that let those of us who weren’t to into to Hardcore enjoy it and for those of us who really liked pop/rock it made us feel a little more tough because of the screaming. To be honest they kind of put of the Screamo genre on the map.

And to top it all off Bert’s lyrics were clever and really spoke to a lot of people.

Vulnerable screams of boring song writing and cringe worthy lyrics like ‘hands and faces’ lyrics “a lie is a lie with crossed hearts and hopes to die” but where as the Guitar riff is great. The frustrating thing for me as a fan of the used is lyrics such as these ruin songs that may have stood a chance of being half decent. For example the use of gang vocals in ‘put me out’ are placed well but a whole bunch of guys screaming “ you put me out like a cigarette” rubs me the wrong way.

Those of you who know me would know that when John Feldman gets his hands on something I usually have something negative to say about it. But this is the complete opposite. Feldman’s clever mind and production really saves this album and makes it listenable. The intricacies in the production are something that keeps your ears entertained. With the use of Harp in ‘hands and faces’ to the subtle string sections in some songs giving the album the same kind of feel as Panic! At The Disco’s ‘Vices and Virtues’

Now don’t get me the wrong. The album isn’t all bad. Well as I said before it isn’t even bad, it just hasn’t lived up to the hype the band has given it. The first single and album stand out ‘I come alive’ brings you back to their second album ‘in love and death’ with its theatrical production and catchy chorus.

If you enjoyed their previous Album ‘Artwork’ you may very well enjoy this album. On several spins the album is listenable and has some enjoyable moments but there are other The Used albums I’d go to.

All in all Vulnerable  kind of sounds like a better version of A Day To Remember… which isn’t that hard to do.