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WILD ROMPIT To Release New Album, Spirit Moves, on August 27th



Philadelphia, PA – July 16, 2013 – Philadelphia natives, Wild Rompit, will be releasing their new album, Spirit Moves, on August 27th, self produced by the band’s own, Brandon Bost. Spirit Moves marks the next phase of Wild Rompit’s musical maturity and hones in on their gritty indie rock mentality, blending the polished aesthetic of mainstream rock with the soul and emotion of blues and folk. For more information, please visit: www.WildRompit.com.

Consisting of Blair Ollendorf (vocals and guitar), Brandon Bost (guitar), Paul Impellizeri (bass), and Sean Donaghy (drums), Wild Rompit are four friends from the East Coast that are telling the stories of their lives as they live them. Hitting the music scene in 2011 with the EP Brotherhood, Wild Rompit established themselves as a dominant force in Philadelphia. The band entered their upcoming album with a clear mind and years of creative maturity that invokes the concepts of songs that not only pleases the aesthetic needs of the listener but also resonates with people’s lives. “The songs off this album are the strongest that I’ve ever written because they build off my experience in life as a whole,” reflects Ollendorf. “It took two years to write this record, during which I was studying music as a structure, listening to artists I’m inspired by and breaking down the structure of their songs to formulate what songwriters are doing and why.”

Spirit Moves is a reflection of the 20-something mentality that dives into the generational aspects of taking control of one’s life and the struggles of the generation before. Culminating the meeting of numerous paths in life into a singular intersection, Spirit Moves comments on the human spirit as an entity – defining how a person affects everyone around them and how their life and death is a direct inspiration of how friends and family will remember and memorialize them. “Spirituality is a mystery to everyone, when you have someone close to you that dies, it makes you reflect on your own life and how you’ve lived and treated others,” notes Ollendorf.

Spending 6 months to record this record was a breathe of fresh air for guitarist and producer Brandon Bost.“It was easier to find what we wanted our sound to be like because we knew what we liked from other bands,”  Bost states. “Most of what you hear on the record is a result of patience and attention to detail, rather than rushing to meet a deadline.”Spirit Moves was much more a reflective look inside the lives of the band and as a result, the songs themselves tell the stories of heartache, pain, regrowth, and the journeys that go along with them.

The band tells us, “Spirit Moves is our exploration into deeper territories, bringing Wild Rompit, as a brotherhood, closer together. This record is a culmination of two years of work and our attempt to express where we are in our lives. Raw and honest, Spirit Moves is our effort to make a lasting impact on our fans, new and old.”


Wild Rompit will release their new album, Spirit Moves, on August 27th, 2013. Spirit Moves will be available via all digital retailers and 12″ vinyl. They will be hosting their CD Release Show at Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia, PA on August 29th.
For more information, please visit:
Instagram: @wildrompit
Track Listing:
01. We Savages
02. For The Night, For Our Life
03. Average Heart
04. Lost
05. Right Coast Blues
06. Spirit Moves
07. Last of The Cursed Ones
08. Howlin’
09. Sticks and Stones
10. We’ll Be Ok


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